Monday, January 02, 2006


VIEW HERE! http://youtu.be/B9LO4hiPESw

Yeah! our first vlog review here @ 320x240... k hold your excitement. Our first vlog comes from Energylab and it's a vodcast from NYE in Germany! | Our second review comes from Joan Falk looking to buy a house? anyone...| O.k. our 3rd vlog comes from Scott this man amazes me to no end. | And last but not least Brother Mike O.k untill next time.http://youtu.be/B9LO4hiPESw


Blogger energylab said...

hi man!
thanks for your review and the amazing way you do your presentation - especially when it comes to reviewing our latest project ENergyVlog!
your project looks very promising and crazy enough - to make us keep an eye on you :-)
keep on keeping on...
www.energylab.de - weblog - gallery
anything on electronic aspects of life

Monday, 02 January, 2006  

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