Monday, January 02, 2006

Tv, tV,tv,TV

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>O.k in this installment we look at the use of TV. | First up is this Tiki Bar TV Yeah! I like drinking on the internet, and where did the guy get that leopard shriners hat? | The second video is from Lucian over at Daily Planet TV Yeah! I love TV on the internet. | The Third clip come from Binside-Tv PLEASE watch the audio on this one, I'm sorry. | Last but not least comes from one of my personal favs (as of recent) Chasing Windmills Yes! no TV and it's just as original as it's name. See you Next time,
Smithie Boho

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Blogger Steve Garfield said...

Thanks for hte two thumbs up!

I told Chuck about it.

Nice job...

Monday, 02 January, 2006  
Anonymous Smithie Boho said...

Steve your the inspiration! Keep up the good work.

Monday, 02 January, 2006  

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