Monday, June 26, 2006

Come on say it with me Vloggercon!, Vloggercon!

Alright more enticing video from Vloggercon part duex!

First we have the one and the only Steve Garfield

Andreas Haugstrup Pedersen

and "My brain is on fire"Michael Verdi

Oh so much great footage~!

In the second half is the pimpmiester himself Chuck Olsen

The Imaketings master Bre Pettis...eh Bre give your man Smithie a hoot.

And last in this section is the truly smithie approved Devlon Duthie YEA!

So this is 320x240 w/ Smithie Boho and as always kids...wash yourselves.


Blogger Chuck Olsen said...

I heard this dude Smithie Boho totally crashed the Characters panel thingie. oh man, you shoulda seen it!

Monday, 26 June, 2006  

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