Friday, January 20, 2006

Zip,Xenon,Courtesy & the whole thing?

Hey! it's everyones true love....Smithie Boho!
K so I have been working around the vlogworld, between owning up to my sponsors and writting novels I have little time to vlog. Alast I am here. Our first vodcast is great in that it is a private matter exposed! very well done! | Our second vidblogcomes from this duder who's a xenon
I feel for the little guy non the less. | The third vid pod comes from this lady whos is revealing her life from another part of the world very cool. | And last but not least comes the Monsters that Fight! You can also go there and vote!
Keep the video podcasts coming as there is no one way to showcase your talents. If there is a vblog you think should be reviewed send Smithie a link to Bofoboho@yahoo.com


Blogger Suburban Wolf said...

Nice seein' ya on the ukvideobloggers conference. Wierd humour mate. Take it easy. ;-)

Saturday, 21 January, 2006  
Blogger Steve Garfield said...

I just featured you on the current episode of Vlog Soup.

Sunday, 12 February, 2006  
Blogger ZuDfunck said...

How far can you go with this concept?

It will be interesting, No?

Monday, 13 February, 2006  

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