Thursday, January 29, 2015

Lmaooooo Smithie has been watching you!

 Smithie Boho has recently landed on the mainland of the West Coast of the U.S. after floating for years on a raft. Smithie is looking to cross platform ideally deliver all platforms of visual content. I'm not asking for interns. I'm asking for futurists w/ intrinsic knowledge.

 Now that I'm back on solid ground I'm working on developing my YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Vine, & Vimeo pages.

 Smithie is looking for witty creative people to work with in the Central L.A. area, handful of artists tops. I have an outline.( can always be tweeked & welcome all cooks.) general story arch for the video podcast, & I love people. I'm hoping you can you can provide characters & a variety of V.O.'s? 

I've been living like Thor Heyerdahl & sadly my VTM mic may have sunk? Regardless I'm looking for a small collective to connect via binary once a week & crank a vcast within a hour.

 Gear wise? no you don't need a red or an arri. I can provide (motion, light, & audio.) that's light & easy to move. 

 So, who am I looking to connect with? fun, fast, futurist, guys & gals. Ideally a "DP" w/ stealth tools, Director/Script supervisor, & a fixer-liaison-floor director, & possibly a stylist. 



Smithie Boho

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